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Christmas in Brisbane


Although the lead-up to Christmas can be a a trying time, with everyone trying to get everything possible finished off in time for the break and the end of year, it can also be quite a beautiful time … if you can take a step back, forget your worries for a moment, and ignore the crass commercialism that comes with it all. Switch off your mind, and just enjoy the pretty lights and the wondrous look on the faces of small children. Admittedly you probably won’t see that wondrous look on the older kids, as they’re too busy figuring out how to scam mum and dad for that Xbox One, PS4, or new laptop.

Here in Brisbane, the best place to see Christmas is Queens Mall and nearby King George Square. Each year there’s a parade running each evening for the ten days before Christmas, with dancers, acrobats, costumes, plus camels and other livestock out of the Christmas nativity. This parade culminates in King George Square where there’s a free pantomime for the kids, a rather large solar-powered Christmas tree and (this year at least) a spectacular light show.

Christmas lights in Queens Mall, in front of the newly refurbished Jimmy’s On The Mall.

Brisbanites awaiting the light show at the Town Hall in King George Square.

A parade of toy soldiers in the annual Queens Mall Christmas Pageant.

Crowd watching the Christmas pantomime in King George Square.

A fleeting visit from a fat man in a red suit.

Christmas carols in front of the Brisbane City Tabernacle church.

Three wise men, and their camels.

Acrobatic performers travelling down Queens Mall as part of the parade.

Season’s Greetings

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