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Working in the Atacama Desert

Okay - firstly I admit that I should be updating this more regularly. I mean, what’s the point of having a blog if I’m not going to write anything?! Well, the excuse is that I’ve been a little busy. Although I was still staying in Antofagasta (and the same comfortable hotel), I was working at one of the copper mines out in the heart of the Atacama. This meant a 90 minute drive into work, and another 90 minutes back again. Read More...


It’s been almost a week here in Chile now. Arrival at the airport in Antofagasta is underwhelming since all you see are the bare dirty brown hills typical of the region. Located on the edge of the Atacama desert its dry, and there’s no apparent plant or animal life whatsoever ... there’s just brown-grey powdery dirt in every direction. I couldn’t imagine a place that looks less inviting. Read More...
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