Parintins Amazon Folklore Festival
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Each year, in the last weekend of June, a tribal war is fought in the Amazon town of Parintins. Two sides of the town battle it out in an annual competition of dance, costumes, fireworks and ritual. Each side tells the story of Pai Francisco and a magical bull. The story originated in Brazil's Northeast, but through its relocation its been transformed into a history of the Amazon, its people and settlement, indigenous people, rituals, legends, and environment. It's the biggest festival in the region and rivals the Rio Carnaval in spectacle. But, unlike Rio, its a small town not full of tourists - its just full of locals having fun and celebrating in their own unique way.

These photos are from my visit in 2000. The red tribe is called Garantido, and blue tribe is Caprichoso.
If you want to see more (and infinitely better) photos from this festival, see

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