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Welcome to Andrew Mercer’s Website

This is my space on the Internet letting people know what I’m up to as I'm traveling around - and an easy way for them to keep in touch. The site includes photos of people and places, occasional rants, and a little bit of work stuff for those who are interested.
About Me
Refugee Kiwi living in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Palmerston North, I spent most of my working life in the IT industry, based in Wellington NZ. I also few years spent traveling in between - mostly in Latin America: Brazil, Cuba, Peru and Bolivia. This was spent helping out small tourist companies, and annoying the local wildlife with my camera. In 1997, I ran an educational project for NZ schools (Telecom Amazon Adventure) where I took approximately 800 NZ schools with me as virtual travel partners as I travelled around the Amazon region. In 1999 I trailed a professional archaeologist through Peru's Chachapoyas region looking for lost cities and mummies. The last few years have been busier with work and family.
I'm an IT Consultant with about 20 years experience - mostly in New Zealand. I specialize in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ERP and Customer Support, and have worked in a wide range of private and public sector companies. I worked in the NZ Ministry of Justice, Telecom New Zealand, and in the Mining industry (Xstrata Copper and Runge) here in Brisbane, Australia.

The Technical Blog on this site contains my thoughts about work-related topics. Sorry if the articles there are a little long. This is the downside of being detail oriented (both a blessing and a curse). Hopefully with more practice it will improve. The idea was to structure these articles as practical tips - rather than anything too high-faluting or too academic. Aside from helping me structure my own ideas, maybe these tips will also be of help to others.
This site contains a bunch of Photo Galleries. Most of the South American images are pretty old. They were taken on slide film then digitally scanned - since I was doing freelance photography and travel articles for Destinations and Qantas' The Australian Way international in-flight magazine (slide film was the film of choice in those pre-digital days). Sadly, those images should probably be rescanned at a higher quality setting, although that's still pending me getting all my old slide folders shipped over from NZ.

The newer images are from Canon 300D and 7D digital cameras. I'm also progressively upgrading to Canon L-series professional lenses which make a big difference in the quality of the final image.
Web Tools
I created this site on my MacBook Pro using RapidWeaver web creation software, and an assortment of third-party plug-ins, themes, and stacks.
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Where am I today?
I'm in Brisbane, Australia.


I had previously been traveling around working with Copper Mining companies in South America.

This site is still a work in progress - so apologies for any clutter or bits that don't quite work yet. It's called "Production Testing" (which is the best kind)
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