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Change Management for Business Intelligence Projects: Part 2

Leading the Case for Change
In part 1, last week, I described how a Change Management Framework can be used to consider and plan the activities for your proposed change. This week in part 2, I will describe more about what’s involved to help sell your change and actually get the organisational commitment to do it. Unfortunately, with so many competing demands, a good idea by itself often isn’t enough. You need to fight to get attention, and to get commitment from your management team that thdea is worthwhile pursuing. Read More...

Change Management for Business Intelligence Projects: Part 1

Change Management is a critical activity for any project. Note that we’re talking about Change Management from a project and business perspective – not the ITIL process). In this context, Change Management has the goal of re-inventing your organisation so that it transitions from one set of business processes or systems to a new (and hopefully improved) model. Although the transition may involve changing technologies, it’s really more about people and processes. Read More...
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