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Secret Weapons for the IT Professional

Now that I have a few days off, its about time that I finally kick off this blog. The upside of being a consultant is that you get to do lots of interesting stuff, meet some really inspirational clients, and pick up on some great ideas. The downside is that you’re usually so busy actually doing stuff - or writing up the associated proposals and documentation - that there isn’t enough time to do much else productive outside work. This blog is an attempt to change that - and to note down thoughts and tips as they occur. Writing things down helps me consolidate those ideas and bring them into a central place rather than scattered around in the notes from a heap of different projects. Who knows? They may even be useful for someone else … but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Anyhow, the first topic here is Secret Weapons, and it highlights a couple of tools that I’ve been finding invaluable of late. Read More...
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