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Golden Rules of IT Customer Support

No matter where we work, why is it that we always complain about our IT helpdesk, or the service we get from our IT software vendors? I’ve worked in the industry for two decades and it seems we’re never happy. I’ve also worked with the IT Services teams. From their point of view, they’re often frustrated by bitchy customers who don’t know what they want, and really have no basic clue about how systems work. Despite their patience and calm demeanor while on the phone, as soon as the call is over you’ll sometimes hear your friendly Customer Support Representative crying howls of anguish (or much worse). I’ve occasionally had to send a few outside for a few minutes just to calm down.

Okay - let’s face it, computers and IT systems are inherently frustrating things. When things go wrong they can go majorly wrong, without any clear or obvious reason. And, from a user’s point of view, it’s sometimes hard to figure out just what the system designer was thinking … or if maybe they were on some mind-altering substance. Read More...
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